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Celebrating a Milestone: The Launch Party of Teach London

TeachLondon Teacher consultants

Celebrating a Milestone! The Launch Party of TeachLondon It was an afternoon of excitement, anticipation, and celebration as we gathered to mark the official launch of TeachLondon, the latest addition to the Education Placement Group family. Hosted by our teach London tribe, our launch party brought together a diverse group of individuals, including our esteemed […]

How To Win Teachers At Interview

Recruiting Overseas Teachers

How to Win Teachers at Interview Winning overseas teachers at interview Now more than ever, candidates have real choice about the type of school they decide to work in. They are more comfortable moving if their school is not providing what they need, and they want to be appreciated and supported in what can be […]

Streamlining Your Recruitment Process

TeachLondon Recruitment Process

How To Streamline Your Recruitment Process Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your school was able to be proactive and fully across your short and longer-term staffing needs, rather than reactive and struggling to juggle recruitment with all the other rigors of running a school?  We coach schools that want to get on the front foot […]

Working With Teachlondon

Working with TeachLondon

When you ask for help from TeachLondon,  you will receive a fast and transparent service. We listen and quickly respond to your staffing needs. TeachLondon staff are available across two hemispheres, 24 hours a day, so if you request a teacher to interview in the afternoon, we can have an interview arranged by the following […]

Visa Options

Visas for overseas teachers teaching in London

There are many visa pathways for international teachers looking to relocate and work in the UK. TeachLondon is made up of experienced consultants with decades of experience advising British schools and teachers on the various visa and sponsorship options..   The vast majority of teachers we support are from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada and the […]

Overseas Teaching Qualifications

Australian Teacher Qualifications

Teaching qualifications in Australia and New Zealand require students to complete a  four year bachelor’s degree in education or a 1- 2 year graduate entry master’s degree in teaching. The Australian and New Zealand curriculum and their approach to teaching and learning is incredibly similar to how things are done in British schools.  Pathways to […]