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Supply Desk Limited Use of Cookies Statement

Data Protection

“TeachLondon is a trading division of Supply Desk Limited.” Any information supplied to Supply Desk Limited * will always be held in accordance with the General Data Protection Act, 2018.
* Supply Desk Limited includes our company domains –,,, Synarbor,,, and, plus may at times contain other domains for services such as our OpenLink service – for a full list of currently active Supply Desk Limited domains please drop us an email by clicking here.

General Information

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all the information displayed on our websites, Supply Desk Limited cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to vary, amend or cancel any of the arrangements featured on the website should they find such alterations necessary. You may contact with webmaster with any queries by clicking here.


What is a “cookie”

A cookie is a small file that websites put on your computer, mobile device or tablet. Their job is to recognise you and notify the website when you’ve returned, and they are most commonly used for recording information about websites you have visited and possibly what you viewed, bought or linked to while there.

Cookies are there to improve user experience by remembering preferences and user names without the need to log in. If you do not allow cookies some features on this website may not function in the way they were intended.
Please see the information below for more detail about cookies.

Compliance Cookies

This cookie is placed when you click ‘Continue’ on the cookie information warning bar that is displayed at the top of our website and tells us you have given your consent to the use of cookies on our site and stops this message from appearing. A compliance cookie is also placed if you change your cookie preferences using the control panel on our website.

Session Cookies

Session cookies allow users to be recognised within a website so any page changes or item/data selection you make is remembered from page to page.

Analytics Cookies

These cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors come from and the pages they visited, so that we can measure and improve the performance of our site, using a service such as Google Analytics.

Social Cookies (including YouTube)

We may from time to time look to embed videos from sites such as YouTube. This may set cookies on your computer once you click on the YouTube video player, but YouTube will not store personally-identifiable cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos. We may use social widgets to enhance visitor interaction on our site. This collects non-personally identifiable information from many of the websites in which it is enabled, and uses that information to deliver targeted advertising on other websites you may visit.

Advertising Cookies

At times we may enable advertising cookies, these would be set to track and monitor the effectiveness of ad related activity (e.g. by using statistical analysis cookies for tracking Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns). You can choose whether or not to allow these cookies to be set in cookie settings. It is unlikely that we will use this feature but felt it necessary to include such info in the event that we did place an advert area on one of our sites.

You can enable and disable cookies using your browser

Google Chrome

Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar Select Settings Click ‘Show advanced settings’ In the “Privacy” section, click the ‘Content settings’ button To enable cookies in the “Cookies” section, pick ‘Allow local data to be set’, this will enable both first-party and third-party cookies. To allow only first-party cookies pick ‘Block all third-party cookies without exception’ To disable cookies, in the “Cookies” section, pick ‘Block sites from setting any data’

For more information on other cookie settings offered in Chrome, refer to the following page from Google:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

Click on ‘Tools’ at the top of your browser window and select ‘Internet Options’

In the options window navigate to the ‘Privacy’ tab
To enable cookies: Set the slider to ‘Medium’ or below

To disable cookies: Move the slider to the top to block all cookies
For more information on other cookie settings offered in Internet Explorer, refer to the following page from Microsoft:

Mozilla Firefox

Click on ‘Tools’ at the browser menu and select ‘Options’
Select the Privacy panel
To enable cookies: Check ‘Accept cookies for sites’
To disable cookies: Uncheck ‘Accept cookies for sites’
For more information, refer to the following page from Mozilla:


Click on ‘Setting’ at the browser menu and select ‘Settings’
Select ‘Quick Preferences’
To enable cookies: check “Enable Cookies”
To disable cookies: uncheck “Enable Cookies”
For more information on other cookie settings offered in Opera, refer to the following page from Opera Software:

Safari on OSX

Click on ‘Safari’ at the menu bar and select the ‘Preferences’ option
Click on ‘Security’
To enable cookies: In the ‘Accept cookies’ section select ‘Only from site you navigate to’
To disable cookies: In the ‘Accept cookies’ section select ‘Never’
For more information on other cookie settings offered in Safari, refer to the following page from Apple:

All other browsers

Please look for a “help” function in the browser or contact the browser provider