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How To Streamline Your Recruitment Process

TeachLondon Recruitment Process

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your school was able to be proactive and fully across your short and longer-term staffing needs, rather than reactive and struggling to juggle recruitment with all the other rigors of running a school? 

We coach schools that want to get on the front foot and drill down into their data to understand trends and how and when to activate a successful recruitment period. 

Streamlining the recruitment process can significantly enhance efficiency and attract top talent. Read on to find out more about our recommended approach!

Effective Steps to Streamline Your Recruitment

Review and Optimize:

Regularly review your school’s recruitment process to identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement. Analyze metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and quality of hires to refine strategies continually. 

Understand Historical Trends

Are you gathering data to identify trends? When are you hiring? Where are the best teachers coming from? What subjects are hardest to recruit for? Historically, do you always need at least one maths or science teacher each new academic year? Are you tracking staffing trends, hires, fires, and leavers? Data will inform your future success. Perhaps you may be waiting too long to recruit and losing out to more proactive schools.

TeachLondon Recruitment Trends

Define Clear Job Descriptions:

Ensure job postings are detailed, outlining responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations clearly. This helps attract suitable candidates and reduces irrelevant applications. If you are supported by TeachLondon we will make sure we present your school to our candidates in a way that showcases your achievements, vision, and values. 

Utilize Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS):

ATS software automates and streamlines the hiring process by organizing applications, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews. It saves time and ensures a systematic approach to candidate management. If you use an agency like us, we can do all this for you and provide a shortlist of ready-to-interview candidates. 

TeachLondon Overseas Recruitment

Optimize Recruitment Channels:

Focus on the most effective channels for reaching potential candidates. This might include job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, employee referrals, or recruiting agencies. Analyze which channels yield the best results and concentrate efforts there.

The cost of advertising on the TES is high and if you are tracking data, you may find that utilizing an agency may not be a more expensive way of hiring staff. 

Implement Pre-screening Methods:

Use phone screenings, online assessments, or initial interviews to evaluate candidates efficiently. This step filters out unsuitable applicants, saving time during the interview process. TeachLondon fully vet all candidates we present to schools. Our international teachers will have gained current references, police checks, qualifications and ID and screened each teacher for suitability. All teachers will be presented with a CV, Profile, and interactive video interview to view and review. 

Standardize Interview Processes:

Develop a set of standardized interview questions relevant to the job role. Consistency helps in comparing candidates objectively and ensures all necessary information is gathered. There is always room to add bespoke questions depending on the role and who you are interviewing. We can share insightful interview questions that can help to identify top talent from developing teachers. 

Working with TeachLondon

Consider Video Interviews:

Incorporate video interviews to streamline the initial stages. It allows flexibility in scheduling and can save time and resources, especially when dealing with remote candidates. Our Spark Hire Videos are a no-obligation way for schools to compare overseas teachers with local candidates. You can jump through the 10 commonly asked teaching questions we ask each candidate. This is by far our most successful resource for schools we partner with. 

Collaborate Effectively:

Ensure smooth communication among hiring team members, departments, and candidates. Define roles clearly and establish efficient communication channels to avoid delays or misunderstandings. TeachLondon has a 24-hour service with team members in Australia and London, able to respond to your vacancies,  present candidates, and arrange interviews within 24 hours. 

Automate Routine Tasks:

Automate repetitive tasks like sending confirmation emails, updates to candidates, or scheduling interviews. This frees up time for recruiters to focus on more strategic aspects of recruitment. If you work with us- we will arrange all the interview details. Just let us know when you are free to speak to candidates. 

Provide Timely Feedback:

Promptly inform candidates about their status in the hiring process. This maintains a positive candidate experience and helps secure top talent by demonstrating respect for their time and effort. We recommend making an offer ASAP after interviewing an international teacher. They are in demand and ready to accept the right job. When you make them an offer, we handle the rest.  

Key Summary

By integrating these strategies, schools can create a more efficient and effective recruitment process that attracts the right talent while minimizing the time and resources spent. Partner with TeachLondon to take the ongoing headache out of recruitment and retention. 


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