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Visa Options

Visas for overseas teachers teaching in London

There are many visa pathways for international teachers looking to relocate and work in the UK. TeachLondon is made up of experienced consultants with decades of experience advising British schools and teachers on the various visa and sponsorship options..  

The vast majority of teachers we support are from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada and the good news is that over 95% of these teachers can travel and work in the UK independently, under various visa categories. We are also comfortable and very capable of guiding your school through the sponsorship process if you wish to employ more experienced candidates or those in high-demand subjects like Maths, Chemistry, and Physics that are generally very hard to recruit. 

British Passport Holders

A percentage of the teachers we recruit hold a British Passport, and they will travel and work on this passport, and can stay in the UK for as long as they wish, without restriction.

Youth Mobility Visa

Most of our teachers apply and gain a T5, Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (YMS) is available to citizens from certain countries including Australia, Canada & New Zealand, who are between the ages of 18-35 years who do not already have dependents. The YMS visa is a 2-year visa that can be extended for a further year if they have been in the UK for the previous 2 years. The visa and Immigration Health Surcharge will cost a couple of thousand pounds and they can only gain the visa once in their life.

Youth Mobility Visa

Ancestry Visa

An Ancestry Visa grants Commonwealth citizens working rights in the United Kingdom for 5 years and is available to eligible people who can prove that one of their grandparents was born in the UK. They will need to have enough money without help from public funds to support themselves and any dependents. The Ancestry Visa is very expensive but is a pathway to permanent residency in the UK. There is no age restriction.

Ancestry VIsa for overseas teachers

Settlement Visa

Teachers with a British partner are generally eligible for a Spousal/  Family Visa, as would any dependent children under the age of 18. The spouse will gain UK working rights as long as the relationship is valid and they are together in the UK. 

High Potential Visa

If a teacher has completed their degree in one of the top 50 universities in the world, over the last 5 years, they could also be eligible to apply for a High Potential Individual Visa. This is a 2-year visa that allows the applicant to live and work freely in the UK. 

Skilled Worker Visa

We often support teachers who do not have access to a visa to work in the UK without being sponsored by an employer. These teachers often have previously taught in the UK and used their YMS visa or are over the age limit to gain this visa and have not ancestry links to the UK. The  Skilled Worker Visa is available to these teachers if a school is willing to sponsor them. These teachers are committed and will need to accept a permanent, direct placement with a school. We can support schools to gain a sponsorship license and get set up to sponsor international teachers. 

Sponsorship and Skilled Worker Visa


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