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Learn From Teachers


CPD Workshops

At TeachLondon we believe that educators are lifelong learners and we are committed to providing ongoing, practical support in the form of continued professional development to teachers working through our organisation, in schools across Greater London. 

TeachLondon is made up of qualified teaching staff, many able to offer group and bespoke educational CPD designed to upskill and support local and international teachers.

CPD for Overseas Teachers

Because Teachlondon specialises in sourcing and providing top quality talent from Australia, New Zealand and Canada for London schools, we understand that in order for them to hit the ground running, they will need support to get up to speed. 

Before arriving, overseas teachers are offered a 7 part CPD series, hosted by esteemed ex-headteacher, Stuart McLaughlin. Depending on their level of experience they are offered the ECT Masterclass Series or the Aspiring Leaders Series. 

CPD for Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Teachers
TEachLondon CPD for Early Career Teachers

ECT Masterclass series

This in a 7 Part Online CPD course. Topics include;

  • Preparing for Virtual Interviews
  • Behaviour Management
  • Time Management
  • Safeguarding
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Tips for becoming part of your school community
  • Dealing with conflict
TeachLondon CPD for Leadership Teachers

Aspiring Leaders Series

This in a 7 Part Online CPD course. Topics include;

  • What is leadership?
  • Leading Teaching and Learning
  • Building a High Performance Team
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Handling accountability
  • Leading Change
  • Planning for Success


Ruth Bell is an experienced teacher and education recruitment specialist working withing Teachlondon, having worked within the education space as a teacher, consultant and trainer for three decades. Along with her teaching background, Ruth is a qualified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and runs regular workshops for Teachlondon teachers on topics such as, ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ for teachers and support staff. Here is a sample of some of the CPD offered.

Wellbeing is essential for cultivating a mentally healthy school, for retaining and motivating all educators and for promoting pupil wellbeing and attainment . 

Wellbeing And Mindfulness sessions are available for all our educators. These session are designed to support teachers to get their mojo back if its dwindling; help them access strategies for coping with some of the pressures of being a  teacher ; and generally to give teachers some time to think about themselves and their Wellbeing .

This CPD is offered  to our educators  during term holidays and weekends .The course is designed to deliver proven strategies for anyone managing behaviours that challenge . It provides an understanding of the causes of behaviour that challenge along with respectful, supportive  and practical strategies for de escalation and crisis intervention. All techniques that are taught seek to minimise the need for physical intervention and maintain positive relationships 

This is a 2 day /12 hour course .At the end of the course you will receive an accredited certificate which lasts for 1 year.  

These are  offered face to face by individual branches. They are  a good lead into doing the Team teach course or they can be a good introduction for any educator who wishes to increase their skills and confidence with understanding behaviours that challenge and that behaviour is a form of communication; developing a toolkit of strategies for defusing and de-escalating behaviours.

They will be presented by myself and Robyn Johnston our CEO of EPG and Adam Jackson the SEND School Partnership Manager for Just teachers 

Our twilight series will be  evening  online  hourly sessions. We will have various guest speakers such as headteachers, educational psychologists, etc talking on relevant informative educational topics. 

In May 2024 we are launching this series  with a fabulous presentation on Professional Relationships: this will incorporate developing professional relationships with children/young people and adults ; communication with children and young people ; and supporting inclusion and inclusive practices.

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