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At TeachLondon we understand that you may have questions for us. Our expert team have put together a collection of frequently asked questions, that aim to give you the best advice about overseas teacher recruitment.

If you have a different question for us then let us know. 


Many overseas teachers arriving to work in the UK are eligible and have QTS. We will make sure your school is fully aware of their teaching status. Those that are ineligible for QTS are usually ECTs but they have the ability to work as an overseas teacher in the UK for up to 4 years before there is a problem. Most international teachers can take the Assessment Only pathway to gain QTS after they have been teaching in the UK for over 2 years, in at least 2 British schools.

Since September 2023 the UK Government has created a fairer approach to awarding overseas teachers British Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through the Professional Qualifications Act. Most Australian, New Zealand and Canadian teachers are eligible for QTS after they have gained proficiency in their home country. Read more here

Our role is provide your school with a fully compliant candidate. We are experts in finding suitable candidates and helping them over an 18 month period to prepare fo their UK teaching adventure. After you decide to take one of our candidates on, we will guide you through the process, and make it as seamless as possible. You can choose to employ a candidate directly or take them on timesheets, so we are their employer.

Teachlondon consultants are trained to fully vet and support international teachers planning to teach in the UK. The vetting process includes:reviewing resumes, reading cover letters., conducting phone or video interviews., checking references.and running background checks and then we support teachers with visa applications, interview preparation and ongoing transitional advice and support.

The length of time you wish to employ one of our candidates is up to you but most teachers we support to come to the UK and work are career-focused and are hoping to make an up-front commitment of two terms or more. 

You may decide to make an initial offer of two terms, employ them for a full school year, or appoint them directly with a view to permanency. Sometimes we have teachers looking for PPA or shorter-term contracts and these would be suitable for short maternity cover roles and long-term sickness vacancies you may have. 

You will need to support your new overseas teacher to transition successfully into your school community. ECTs will need to be assigned a Mentor and there will be a period where they have lots of questions and will likely feel a little overwhelmed.  

The good news is that any international teachers we present to London schools will have completed Safeguarding training and been offered insight into the British National Curriculum, school year, and how to successfully transition into British schools. We have created a seven-part series available to overseas teachers which covers areas like Behaviour Management, Inclusion, Time Management, and much more. 

We are here to partner with your school to make sure that your new international teacher hits the ground running and is supported as needed as they get started in your school. 

You can choose to employ a Teachlondon candidate directly and pay them a monthly salary through your payroll or they can be employed on timesheets through Teachlondon. Talk to us about the options available to your school. Most schools start with taking a teacher through Teachlondon on timesheets and after 2-3 terms taking them on as a permanent staff member.

It is expensive and time-consuming to attract, recruit, identify, and support top international teachers who want to work in London schools. The process of helping an international teacher make the move to the UK, takes anywhere from 6-18 months and requires full-time staff locally and internationally. There are one-off payment options to take on our candidates directly or they can be employed on timesheets and your school can be charged a daily management fee. This is for a set period until the candidate will no longer carry a fee.

If you hire a teacher through Teachlondon we will provide you with an up-to-date CV, references, identification documents, overseas police checks and a DBS check, teaching qualifications, and their right-to-work document. They will also sign registration forms and complete Safeguarding training. If your school chooses to employ a teacher directly, generally your school will manage the DBS process. 

Most overseas teachers we support are traveling to the UK on a Youth Mobility Scheme visa, which is initially a two-year visa, with the ability to extend it for a third year. The Youth Mobility Scheme visa allows 18-35-year-olds from New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, (and other participating countries) to live and work in the UK. 

Some of our teachers hold a British passport or have British parents or grandparents and are eligible to apply for a 5-year Ancestry visa. Some candidates have a British partner and can gain a spousal settlement visa. Those who have graduated from one of the top 50 universities in the world in the last 5 years can also apply for a 2-year, High Potential Visa. 

Teachers without any of these pathways will be keen to secure a sponsored position at a school and we can help your schools navigate the sponsorship process. This will allow your school to retain overseas teachers with visas that are about to expire and directly employ experienced, high-demand teachers without a visa option to work in the UK. 

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