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Client Testimonials

“Teachlondon has a fantastic video interview that you are able to watch before you meet teachers interested in coming to the United Kingdom, and it’s fantastic because it will talk you through their specific skills and experience. After viewing these videos, within a day we generally have an interview arranged with them virtually.”
Liam M-Headteacher
"What I like is that there is a lot of trust between Teachlondon and the school, and they are not sitting in on the interviews, so there is the ability for us to have a conversation to find out whether this school is right for their journey to the other side of the world."
Liam M-Headteacher
“Teachlondon were looking after both parties in the recruitment process They were always making sure that all parties were happy with any kind of appointment and that it was the right decision for everyone. That is important. People need to be happy to go to work and feel supported, and that triangulation between all three works really well.”
Liam M-Headteacher