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Our Hiring Process

Our dedicated overseas office based in Australia is staffed by teachers who have lived and worked in the UK and Australia.

The decision to move over to the UK to teach is not a decision that is made quickly by our teachers and as such we develop an ongoing pipeline of candidates. Typically we start the process of engagement with teachers 18 months in advance of their intended arrival dates. 

As a result, TeachLondon can provide UK schools with overseas teachers year-round. This means teachers will be available at key UK termly intakes such as September, January, and April.

We develop long-term relationships over time with our teachers before they arrive in the UK.  This ensures we understand:

  • Their needs personally so we can support their transition to the UK.
  • Their skills and experience professionally so we can facilitate the best match with a school to best support their career development.


Substantial investment is made in ensuring we have a robust marketing strategy that facilitates sourcing high-quality teachers. In addition, we have formed long-standing partnerships with a variety of tertiary institutions globally, which contribute to our ongoing pipeline and success. 

TeachLondon Video interviews
TeachLondon Ovesreas Teacher support
TeachLondon Overseas Teacher Profile
A valuable resource for schools

Our Profiles

Our profiles are a valuable resource designed to help schools make the best hiring decisions. They are designed to be shared amongst key staff members so everyone has visibility of the teacher’s unique skills and abilities.

The video interview is particularly popular as it can be shared and viewed when your staff has the time and doesn’t require interaction with us. 

We want to provide a highly transparent process so all of the following items will be provided:

  • CV
  • Profile
  • References
  • Video Interview
  • Visa status
  • Intended arrival date
  • All compliance documents in line with Quality Mark standards.
TeachLondon video interview
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Our Videos

Our video interview has been designed in consultation with UK Headteachers. We have asked 10 key questions relating to the Teacher Standards’ that give an insight into teaching skills, experience, and abilities. 

In addition, this is also an opportunity to get an idea of personality and whether the teacher might fit into your school.

This video can be viewed anytime that is convenient to you and shared with SLT to help make an informed choice to progress to an online interview.

Organised via Teams link

Online Interview

TeachLondon will arrange an online interview at a time that is convenient to you but also that works with the time zones of our overseas teachers. Usual time windows are as follows:

  • Australian + NZ teachers: 7am-11am UK time
  • Canadian teachers: 1pm-4pm UK time

TeachLondon will send a Teams link so you can conduct your interview seamlessly with your chosen overseas teacher.

Our teachers will be ready waiting and prepared to answer all of our questions. We recommend that schools also have an arsenal of benefits they can offer their chosen teacher.

We want the interview to be a two-way process where the teacher feels valued and the school feels supported in this process so the right choice can be made for both parties.

TeachLondon Online Interview
TeachLondon Job Offer
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The Job Offer

There is a finite window of time that an Overseas Teacher will be open to accepting an offer, given they are relocating their whole life to the UK.  They need an offer to be presented in time for them to be able to apply for visas, police checks, give notice on their current rental property and book airfares. Often they will set a date to have a confirmed offer, otherwise they will defer and work in their home country instead.  

Most teachers would be able to accept an offer 2 months prior to their arrival date to make sure they can comfortably make all the arrangements as above.  For example a teacher arriving for a September start would expect an offer anytime from February through to June.

If you want to make an offer, we suggest doing it at or within 24 hours of an interview as they may have other opportunities and timelines to think about.

You should provide the following to us:

  • Confirmed salary or rate of pay
  • Agreed start date 
  • Assigned mentor for the teacher to be in touch with, prior to arrival
  • A teaching timetable in advance of their start date
  • An induction schedule

Steps to Hire an Overseas Teacher

If you would like to hire an overseas teacher through TeachLondon then follow the steps below. Before any interview, we will do an extensive selection to identify overseas teachers who are the best match for your vacancy, available for the start date, and willing to work in the nominated location.

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Connect With Our Overseas Teachers

Lodge your vacancy and we can connect you with our Overseas Talent Pool.