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How to Win Teachers at Interview

Recruiting Overseas Teachers

Winning overseas teachers at interview

Now more than ever, candidates have real choice about the type of school they decide to work in. They are more comfortable moving if their school is not providing what they need, and they want to be appreciated and supported in what can be a stressful environment, on a daily basis. 

Teaching vacancies are abundant and post-covid, most employees are looking for work-life balance and a supportive environment. 

The interview process is no longer a formal opportunity for schools to grill candidates, but more, an opportunity to showcase and sell the benefits of joining their school community. 

Securing top teachers during interviews involves a combination of strategies and considerations. International teachers have to accept a position without visiting your school, meeting your students, or getting a feel for the culture. They are also traveling to the other side of the world to start a new life,  and so they are looking for colleagues who are inclusive, friendly, and supportive. 

Read on for 10 ways to make the case for why your school is a great place to work as an overseas teacher!

Out Top 10 Ways to Win a Teacher

1. Craft an Appealing Job Description and explain this clearly at the interview:

  • Highlight the benefits, culture, and opportunities for growth within your institution.
  • Clearly outline the role, responsibilities, and expectations.

2. Offer Attractive Remuneration and Benefits:

  • Offer competitive salaries and benefits packages. Top-tier international teachers with QTS will expect to be paid on the same scale as a British-trained teacher with the same level of experience. 
  • Consider additional perks such as professional development opportunities, flexibility, or wellness programs.

3. Create a Positive Interview Experience:

  • Ensure a welcoming and respectful atmosphere during the interview process. It requires more energy and enthusiasm to do a virtual interview, as many cues are lost when you are not face-to-face. 
  • Showcase your institution’s values, goals, and supportive environment. What are your school’s Unique Selling Points? Make sure you really describe the culture and how well they will be welcomed into the school community.

4. Thorough Screening Process:

  • Develop a structured interview process that assesses both technical and soft skills. You will have seen our candidate’s video interviews that address the 10 general teaching interview questions before you meet online, so you have time to explore and dig deeper at the interview.
  • Utilize behavioral interview questions to understand their teaching philosophy, classroom management style, and problem-solving skills.
  • Make sure they have a chance to ask questions, so it is a conversation between two parties. 
TeachLondon overseas Teachers

5. Highlight Opportunities for Growth:

  • Depending on the level of experience of the candidate, they may be very interested in career advancement. 
  • Emphasize opportunities for career advancement, leadership roles, or involvement in curriculum development.

6. Showcase Your Institution's Strengths:

  • Highlight achievements, core values, and mission, innovative teaching methods, modern facilities, or unique programs. Teachers are inspired when they hear leaders get excited about their pupils, staff and all the things they are proud of. 
  • What matters at your school?

7. Engage in Continuous Feedback:

  • Gather feedback from current teachers about their experiences and incorporate their suggestions for improvement. 
  • Retention of current staff minimizes the need for constant recruitment of ECTs and more experienced teachers.

8. Build a Strong Brand Reputation:

  • Foster a positive reputation within the education community through community involvement, awards, or positive reviews from current staff and students. Share this with your international teacher candidates, and they will be really excited about working at your school!
Overseas teacher induction

9. Offer Supportive Resources:

  • Provide necessary resources, technology, and support systems to facilitate teaching excellence.
  • We also offer our teachers CPD and bespoke support, but the more they feel like they are going to be supported in-school, the more likely they will be to accept an offer of work!

10. Emphasize Work-Life Balance:

  • Showcase your institution’s commitment to work-life balance and staff mental-health support.
  • Perhaps your school offers flexible scheduling, a supportive administrative staff, resources, and access to mental health apps or services. 

Key Summary

By focusing on these aspects when attracting and recruiting high-quality teachers, you can create an attractive environment that not only draws top-tier teachers but also retains them in the long term. Remember, attracting and securing fantastic overseas or local talent is an ongoing process that involves continuously improving your institution’s offerings and environment.

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