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How to Secure The Best Overseas Teachers

Best Overseas Teachers

Recruiting teachers early is crucial to securing the best and brightest international talent.

Recruiting teachers early is crucial to securing the best and brightest international talent. Proactively watch our pre-recorded video teacher interviews.

Each season TeachLondon supports as many UK schools as possible with their immediate and future vacancies, but in a candidate-driven market it is harder than ever to service the needs of all schools we partner with, and inevitably it is the proactive London schools that secure our top tier candidates. 

Each staff member at TeachLondon has worked in international educational recruitment for over 17 years, and are qualified teachers. We know that some trends never change and the old adage that the early bird catches the worm still rings true.

Successful International Recruitment Tips:

  • When we prompt schools to consider interviewing our high-quality, core subject teachers early in the recruitment period, it is because statistically, we know they will not be available days or weeks later. The best and brightest usually accept roles anytime between February and March for a September start and anytime from July to September for a January start. 
  • TeachLondon registers and supports teachers 12-18 months prior to their arrival in the UK. We build strong relationships with each candidate. We know that our talent pool is highly motivated and keen to accept a role early and start planning their trip to the UK. 
  • We know that hiring is a big decision and there is often uncertainty around an international hire. Our vetting process is second to none, and the package you will receive to review potential candidates involves interactive video interviews, allowing you to jump to relevant question responses, a detailed profile, a CV and up to date references. 
  • Don’t hesitate when it comes to securing exceptional overseas teachers. They are committed and ready to become enthusiastic
Teacher Recruitment Agency

6 key reasons your school should recruit early:

1. Quality Candidates:

Early recruitment allows London schools to access a wider pool of potential candidates. This increases the likelihood of finding highly qualified and passionate educators. 

2. Planning and Preparation:

Schools need time to plan and prepare for the academic year or future staffing needs. Early recruitment enables administrators to assess staffing needs, allocate resources, and organize professional development programs.

3. Competitive Advantage:

Educational institutions can gain a competitive edge by securing top talent before other schools do. Early recruitment allows schools to attract and hire the best candidates, especially in fields where the demand for teachers is high. Overseas teachers who have the right skills, specialisms, and passion for teaching, will be the first to be offered and accept a role. 

4. Retention and Stability:

When teachers are hired well in advance, they have more time to familiarize themselves with the curriculum, school policies, and their roles. This can contribute to higher job satisfaction and potentially increase teacher retention rates. This is especially true for international teachers who require more time to learn and understand how your school operates and plan appropriately. 

5. Training and Support:

Early recruitment provides an extended period for onboarding, training, and mentorship, ensuring that new teachers feel supported and prepared for their responsibilities.

6. Building Relationships:

Establishing relationships early with new hires allows for better integration into the school community, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration among staff. Your international hire will want to connect with key staff and prepare for their new appointment. 

Key Summary

Recruiting international teachers early not only benefits your school by securing top talent but also contributes to a smoother and more organized recruitment process, which ultimately creates a positive impact on students’ learning experiences.


Talk to a TeachLondon consultant or register your vacancy with us, and make sure you are one of our early recruiting London schools, who secure our best and brightest teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and beyond. 


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